Necessary actions every corporate must take when disposing e-waste

Do we ever stop to think what happens to the discarded items each time we upgrade to a new laptop, phone, printer? Sadly, they end up in garbage bins due to lack of awareness among people on the correct disposal methods. Some of these electronic devices such as motherboards, monitors, printer toners, circuit boards, etc. contain toxic and carcinogenic materials that pollute the soil and air causing serious hazard to health and environment.

India generates e-waste of approximately 2 million tonnes p.a. (TPA) and only 4,38,085 TPA of it is recycled. The ASSOCHAM-NEC study shows that India presently is the largest contributor towards e-waste generation as compared to China, USA, and Japan.

Corporate E-waste Generated in India

Here are some steps that businesses and corporations can take to ensure that their e-waste is disposed appropriately.

1. Return to manufacturer: The best option is to return the old tech to its manufacturer against an upgraded version. For example, electronic manufacturers such Apple, Dell, Toshiba, LGpossess the necessary infrastructure and skill to recycle and dispose e-waste.

2. Conscious buying: While investing in new technology, companies must take extra effort to ensure that the products they purchase are labelled as “Eco friendly” i.e. theyare made from environment friendly materials. This way when these products are to be replaced their disposal and recycling process is much safer and simpler.

3. Hire a Certified E-waste management company: The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has created a list of companies that undertake safe and proper disposal of e-waste in India. Find one closest to your location that will ensure that your e-waste is properly disposed.

4. Donate: When a business upgrades its technology the old device(s) can be donated to schools, libraries as they are still in working condition. Business should hire services of registered recycler(s) to refurbish their old tech i.e. delete data and other confidential information from the system(s) before donating.

As a society individuals and corporates both are responsible for protecting and preserving our planet and therefore it’s imperative that we ensure correct disposal of e-waste. | Available on